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“I had been feeling stuck in all areas of life. I felt like I needed some energy blocks removed. I had never experienced an energy healing session before, but it was amazing and very emotional for me. In just one session, I was able to identify what I needed to release in order to gain inner peace. I was also able to make a connection with my spirit guides. Overall, I feel more clarity and lighter. Truly and amazing experience. You are in good hands with Michelle!”    - Hillary H.
"I was prompted to reach out to Michelle because I wanted to try something different that was an alternative to all the things I had tried in the past with no success. Michelle’s advice was such a positive impact for me. It truly gave me a sense of hope for myself that I hadn’t had before. I am now so excited to experience my journey and all the things it has to offer. I believe my energy has changed for the better since my session. I felt a shift in my life. I had cleared a lot of the build-up that I was holding onto, but now It feels like an actual weight has been lifted from my shoulders. And I now have a much more positive outlook on my journey.”     - Jordan K. 
“Life before Michelle was good, but she has helped me collect all my pieces. Now I no longer feel the need to hide who I am, and to stop taking on the opinions of others. I had never received a healing session before, but she introduced me to angel cards. I found that it gave me a safe place to air out the things I was going through. With Michelle’s continued guidance, I find myself being more present and I no longer try to race through life. I now realize that I am ready to stop taking care of everyone else, and finally do what is best for me.” 
                                                                                                    - Dulce M.  
“Michelle opened up doors to a world I didn’t know existed! She helped me align with my truth. I was able to face the shame that I’d kept hidden. I never realized that I am really not alone. Over time, I began to realize that I am not broken. I am now more mindful of my own energy, as well as the Divine energy I feel supporting me. Michelle help me to awaken my own awareness, and now I am able to change the way I react to my circumstances.”   - Jordan M.
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“It was an honor and blessing to watch Michelle transform on her journey through 
letting go of the past, owning her worth, and making transformational 
changes in her world. I am confident that if you follow her advice, you too will stand in your power and confidently take charge of your life, so you can discover the real you on the other side. Michelle is a true gem!”   - Dr. Harmony

“I was experiencing many blocks in my life; emotionally, mentally, and within my relationships. My focus was on all the wrong things. I wasn’t accepting things that were triggering me, or taking self -responsibility. I “thought” I was happy, but I was angry. I was constantly unsatisfied with where I was in life. After experiencing a series of sessions with Michelle, I finally started to let go of negative energy. I was actually surprised at how relaxed I truly was. She showed me a different way to think about things. Working with Michelle has been a great experience!”   - Shannon H.   


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