Confidence Will Help YOU Make the Connection: Mind ~ Body~Spirit!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

When presented with mind, body, and spirit….I love some mind and spirit. I am a thinker. I love deep conversation or a book that allows me to explore a world I’ve never considered. What I haven’t always loved is my body. I didn’t/don’t like that way a shirt clings to my stomach or that my thighs rubbed together.

How Do You Make the Connection Mind~Body~Spirit?

Because of this genuine disdain towards my body, I have been lacking in a major key to confidence: body awareness. I have spent many years saying “yes” when I wanted to say “no,” or even “no” when I desperately wanted to say “yes.” Because I typically stay in the mind to avoid the body, I miss subtle clues from my body like knots in my stomach or a sudden tightness in my chest. I completely missed the fact that my mind wasn’t all alone in making important decisions. My body has been there all along trying to communicate. These days, I’m asking my spirit to enter my body and support me throughout the day. I am working to check in and ask my body what it thinks about making a commitment to hang with a friend next week or even what it would like to eat for lunch. I feel more confident as I make decisions because I’m not getting 3 opinions instead of just my mind’s sole input. And let’s be honest…. when I’m trying to decide if I should have a Starbucks drink at 7:30 p.m., my mind is always saying “yes” because it wants to keep reading or working into the wee hours. My body, on the other hand, weighs in that she would like to sleep and rest. With each day, I feel my confidence in the skill of decision- making increase because I’m checking in with my body and observing its reaction and input. If I feel light and free, I take it as a “yes.” When I feel tight and restricted, I know there is more to reflect on before I move forward in any certain direction. These days, I’m not leaning on just my mind and spirit, but I’m letting my body play too.

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