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NOTE: All sessions are performed in a Video Chat Room and includes mp4 and mp3 recordings – Access details will be provided upon purchase of your session, which also includes dial in options (including international numbers).​

'ReBoot Your Confidence' Group Coaching

Ready to get confident? Let’s do this! No matter your current circumstances, it is never too late to take accountability for your choices, so that you can raise your awareness and take back your power. In just 6-Weekly Group Sessions, I will help identify what is blocking you from living your truth, so that you can gain courage and move forward with confidence.

1-on-1 Sessions 
1-on-1 'ReBoot Your Confidence' Program

Ready to release your past and discover the real you? Let’s go deeper! No matter your life challenges, this program will give you the tools to unlock your truth, own your self-worth and discover the real you. In just 6-Weekly Sessions, I will help you release your past, raise your awareness, and rise up to your greatest potential, so you can recreate your life with confidence.

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