ReBoot Your Confidence…

1-on-1 Healing Program

Discover Your Truth


Create Empowerment


Own Your Worth

ReBoot Your Confidence

1-on-1 Healing Program

Ready to release your past and discover the real you? Let’s go deeper! No matter your life challenges, this program will give you the tools to unlock your truth, own your self-worth and discover the real you. 

In just 6-Weekly Sessions, I will help you release your past, raise your awareness, and rise up to your greatest potential, so you can recreate your life with confidence.

Here is what your program includes: 

  • Initial 90-min. Discovery Session

  • 5 Follow-up 60-min. Sessions

  • Live Video Chatroom w/ Recorded Sessions

  • Confidence Coaching

  • Energy Healing to Remove Blocks

  • Weekly Action Steps Designed to Help You Release Your Past, Raise Your Awareness and Awaken the Real You

LET’S GO DEEP WITHIN!  During each virtual session, I will use intuition, Divine guidance, personal mastery coaching strategies, and a variety of energetic therapies. Together, we will create energetic space for the expansion of your soul. Each session is tailored specifically to help identify your personal lie that is blocking you from aligning with your ultimate truth. It is time to honor your authentic self. The sky is the limit!

Remove Your Blocks

Raise Your  Awareness

Rise to Your Potential

Give Yourself Permission to Create the Life You Want and the Confidence to Live It!

If you've been afraid to tell the truth and be your authentic self, it’s probably because you have been taught to hide who you are. Most likely you feel judged by those around you, and have hidden your inner light – the best part of you – causing you to walk a dark path in life. This only causes self-destruction. That is how it was for me. It took courage to painfully shed my skin and share my authentic self, but when I did – I found the real me on the other side!

We all have a story, some more traumatic than others, but when we face our fears and take back our power, it becomes the most freeing experience in our life. This new found freedom allows us to open up, express from the heart, and live our best life.

No matter what challenges you have faced  in life, my ‘ReBoot Your Confidence’ Coaching Programs will give you the tools to build confidence so that you can unveil the real you, bringing greater purpose and fulfillment into your world. I know you have it in you to create a better version of who you are!

 Impact Others

Explore Possibilities

Embrace Life


Michelle Jones is a certified ReBoot Your Life Coach®, as well as an intuitive energy healer helping clients create the life they want with the confidence to live it. She is an up-and-coming author of a soon-to-be released book, ReBoot Your Confidence… and the Real You Will Appear!

"I was prompted to reach out to Michelle because I wanted to try something different that was an alternative to all the things I had tried in the past with no success. Michelle’s advice was such a positive impact for me. It truly gave me a sense of hope for myself that I hadn’t had before. I am now so excited to experience my journey and all the things it has to offer. I believe my energy has changed for the better since my session. I felt a shift in my life. I had cleared a lot of the build-up that I was holding onto, but now It feels like an actual weight was lifted from my shoulders. And now I have a much more positive outlook on my journey.”     - Jordan K.